A Little Pony: tow car

Since we purchased Little Lucy we have deliberated about what sort of tow car we should get.

There has been much discussion (read argument) about the type of car.

Considerations were:

Needs to be in the 1960s (the era of our 1962 Sunliner).

Needs to be in fairly good condition (we know nothing about mechanical stuff)

Can’t need too much work (we are too busy to do much restoration work)

Needs to be a right hand drive (I’m just not coordinated enough for driving the road on the passenger side)

Needs to have enough torque (a new word I have learned) to tow the caravan – fortunately our caravan is light.

It needs to be automatic (Although I know how to use a manual gear, I have had horror experiences in a 1965 VW fastback I owned 30+ years ago of not being able to find third gear. I just didn’t want that to happen whilst hitched up to a caravan)

Needs to replace ute Justin uses for work as he didn’t want to own three cars, without even owning a garage! (this was a sticking point which Justin wouldn’t budge – for 18 months he held out – in the end the only way I could get him to own a third car was to make it irresistible.)

Lastly, and most important of all – it needs to match our caravan (red and white).

Well, on a rainy Saturday we went for a drive to the Shire and came across this lovely old pony for sale.

They say love is blind – and it’s so true! 

We fell in love with a 1968 Mustang GT.

We bought it on the spot because he had another buyer umming and aahring to purchase it (and I didn’t want Justin to go cold on the idea!)

But if love is blind – then marriage is an eye opener! We’ve since found lots of things wrong with it that needed to be fixed (nothing that thousands of dollars can’t fix though, Ha!).

Still, even with all her faults, and all the expense!, she’s the most fun we have had in our lives. We’ve waited 50+ years to live on the wild side. 

The most interesting experience is that people smile, point and wave to us as we drive buy, especially with Little Lucy in tow. At first when it happened I thought something was falling off the car or van or that we had a flat tyre.

We feel like celebrities. Which is hilarious for a couple of ageing hipsters like us.

Boo Boo loves the new car too, especially riding shotgun.


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