Budgewoi for xmas


We stayed at Budgewoi Holiday Park from Boxing Day to January 4th 2016. The park is covered in lots of trees which provide cool shade during the day and the sites are large and grassy. It is on the lake, and was perfect for our recently purchased Old Town canoe.

Boo Boo wasn’t too keen about canoeing, and wouldn’t get off my lap, which made paddling a bit difficult, which ended up being a good excuse for letting Justin take on most of the effort. I was happy to paddle gently and slowly, and just float downstream, but Justin seemed to think we needed to practice for white water rafting (never going there) and kept barking instructions on how to paddle “more efficiently” and with speed. I on the other hand complained his steering was “all over the place” as we zig zagged across the lakes.

There are three connected lakes up here, Tuggerah, Munmorah and Budgewoi and the surrounding bushland is filled with birds. We saw a pair of huge sea eagles, as well as a dozen nesting cormorants in one tree.

We brought along fishing rods and used lures, but had no success.

The caravan park and the nearby beach are dog friendly. There’s no where that I know of in Sydney where you can take a dog to the beach. Boo Boo loves the waves and goes crazy dancing on the sand.


Grassy parks and BBQ areas on the shoreline. The lakes are huge, flat, shallow and easy to paddle – but not good for swimming though, too many ducks and seaweed for my liking.

There were no mosquitoes. I brought with me lots of repellents but haven’t had to use them. No flies either. That’s a bit strange for Australian conditions in summer. My home in Mosman has loads of mozzies and flies galore, so I’m not sure how this has come about here. Perhaps the Council has been spraying?


Best part about holidays is afternoon naps, very comfy in our Sunliner. We no longer sleep in the same bed. Although its a double bed, it’s just not big enough for the three of us, as Boo Boo insists on sleeping curled up in the middle of us. So we put down the kitchen table (which is also a double bed size) and Justin sleeps on the seat cushions. Boo Boo jumps between the two beds every few hours during the night undecided which one of us to choose to sleep with. I’ve worked out a quick and easy system of making up the beds by buying extra doonas and leaving them  on the bed during the day. At night we dismantle the kitchen table and I flip the two top doonas onto the seat cushions for Justin. It means I don’t have to worry about “making” the bed up every night with sheets. I haven’t slept on the cushioned seats yet – but Justin does say they are a bit hard.


In the afternoons we walk along the beach, which must are probably about 3 to 5 kilometres long. Norah Head is a nice place to walk to, it has a pretty lighthouse and sea pool, good for swimming.


I’m keen to get away from caravan parks and do some “free camping”.  We donated to and bought Solar Puffs from http://www.solight-design.com/#solarpuff which give out a strong enough light for reading (and washing up!) and means we can be completely off the grid using solar power for lighting. Our next quest is to sort out the fridge – not sure how we are going to do this – perhaps connect up to the gas – or maybe use 12v from car battery – both options mean we will need to get a new fridge.



Solar Puffs were created to help countries that don’t have electricity, and donate many to help them out.

Nights are my favourite time with Little Lucy. I was worried it was going to be hot sleeping in the van, but that hasn’t been the case at all. In fact, even on the hottest summer nights I am sleeping with a light cotton blanket. All our windows have flyscreens and are large enough to let lots of air flow through, and the roof hatch let’s the hot air escape.


On the last day of our holiday it rained. Perfect time to pack up and head home.




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