Where’s Lucy? Bring my baby home.

Little Lucy is in the repair shop. Justin was tinkering around underneath and wanted to replace the brake pads. Well, it went downhill from there. Once the body of the van was lifted off the chassis, a thorough investigation was done. The result was, not only do the brake pads need to be replaced, but also the ‘coil over’ suspension. Not difficult apparently – unless you’re more than 50 years old. So the search is on for finding the 50 year old parts. If they can’t be found, then it will have to be purpose-made to the tune of $1-2,000. Oh dear.

When you get to a certain old age, the medical profession also ask the same question when some body part wears out. Is it worth fixing? Should we operate or ‘allow’ the person to slowly diminish and finish up? The rationale being that she has had a good, long life. She has had all her opportunities. It all must come to an end some time.

My 85 year old dad is in the hospital at the moment. Similar questions are being asked. But speak to my dad, and he asks for a bit longer. He’s not ready to diminish; he’s clinging to a life he loves. Don’t we all. He is very much loved by his family. We want him fixed up and sent on his way. He is working hard in rehab doing just that. There’s a lot of life left in him yet.

There’s an urban legend that the Amerian Bald Eagle – which lives to about 70, the longest of its species – when it starts to deteriorate at the age of 30 or so, it undergoes a rebirth by plucking, sheading and regrowing its feathers. Probably not true, but I like the idea of it.

There comes a time in our life, where we need to pluck and shed the old to regrow the new – but the process of letting go and rebirth, is not without a cost. For my dad, the cost is the hard work he has to put in to rehabilitate his body. For Lucy, its the financial cost on me.

My baby Lucy is being fixed up and sent on her way. She won’t have to live in a mausoleum, but we can travel anywhere, over any terrain with her. We’re going to extend her to live another 50 years – beyond my lifetime even.

So, fix ‘er up and bring my darling little baby back home.

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