Playing ‘house’

I had enormous fun on the weekend decorating my new 1962 Sunliner Caravan.

It reminded me of when my sister Donna and I were little, we played a game called ‘houses’. We would each take a room of the house – usually the lounge room or one of the bedrooms – and pretend it was our home. We would decorate our ‘house’ and invite each other over for cups to tea. We would both have a ‘baby’ to care for (our younger brothers, Kirk and Dean – just toddlers at the time) and we would share decorating, cooking and child raising advice

My little van is my little house. It’s not as small as I thought it would be. So cosy.


I christened the bed with an afternoon nap. It was a cool autumn day, the sun was shining onto the bed, and the van was toasty warm inside.


Here she is in the parking lot at Justin’s studio. Can’t wait for the backdrop to be the beach, or mountains … I’m dreaming.


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