She’s mine

As advertised – Sunliner 1962

She’s a little beauty. Needs a bit of work, my husband says, “but I’ve got lots of plans for her”.

Buying her was not without its challenges. My husband is prone to ask me sensible questions like, “Where are we going to store it?”, “We don’t have a car that will pull it!”  Of course, as all dreamers do, these mere inconveniences are tossed aside with, “We’ll work that out later, dear” and “Don’t deny me my dream!” with tears in my eyes.  He didn’t have a hope.

I knew he would take one look and fall in love with this little Sunliner. I don’t know how I knew, or why I knew, but I knew he would want and love her just as much as I do – once he has it. I knew, this was The One.

I couldn’t go with my husband to view the van before the sale. I left the inspection up to him. (I was going to buy her regardless of the condition) He came home smitten, excited, worried but full of ideas to make improvements.

Funny how life turns out. If you want something …I mean really really want it – it comes. It’s the universal Law of Attraction.

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