Wanted: dreams to come true

I’ve been cyber stalking people with vintage caravans for a few years.

I’m not the type to have hobbies or obsessions, but something about vintage caravans brings out the passion in me for nostalgia, the good old days and harking back to an era in time that was slower than today, without the bulk of stuff to own, the overwhelming need for  the modern world today for what is new, pristine, polished, untouched and unused.

Sunliner01I see value in the lived experience of old objects. With their histories, previous owners and journeys.  They are full of stories and people who are now either grown up, old or passed away. As my body grows old, the object around me seem to take on an identity connected to a time and place long gone but held fast in my memory. I enjoy bringing out that memory, reliving it, feeling its pleasure over and over again and then putting it back again.

Of course, the reality of caravaning today may not live up to the expectations of my imagination. I push away any negative thoughts creeping up: ill it be too hot in summer and too cold in winter? What about the toilet, these days I don’t last through the night! But that’s what this little venture is all about – to fulfil my dream to have a vinage caravan. To fly away on weekends or the occasions weeks to far flung destinations. To cozy up in my van each night with my husband and Boo boo, and a book and the sound of the surf crashing in the background.

I had tried to purchase a few vans in the past year, but was getting outbid or being pipped in the post for one reason or another. So I decided to advertise – and that’s when my dream came true.

I was contacted by a fellow afficiono who offered to us his van.  I could hardly believe it.

So excited! Will be checking it out this week.




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